Everything you needed to know about epoxy flooring

The house is one of the most valuable assets in your life. You surely want to decorate it as your dream house. Every single thing of the house is special to you. Out of so many special things in the house, the floor is one of the major things that help to make your house look beautiful. RedRhino is a well-known epoxy flooring company that can help you in flooring your house beautifully.

What is Epoxy flooring?

Hardener and resins are mixed together to form epoxy. It forms into a rigid plastic-like material after these two components react chemically. For substrate materials, bonds and degradation are resisted by it. Concrete floors are often porous, rough and anti-shock resistant. Epoxy flooring is used to coat concrete floors. Rugged wear and tear is withstood by epoxy very efficiently in industrial settings. It is not slippery, so it is best for commercial and industrial purposes.

Retail and Commercial

Epoxy is considered as the perfect retail and commercial flooring material. It is available in different patterns and colors. It is versatile and durable in nature. Wear-resistant flooring is required by foot traffic in shopping malls, offices and hotels. A different variety of customers like wheelchair bound citizens, elderly and children are safe on this type of flooring.

Epoxy flooring in commercial houses are highly safe, as it is not only durable but also slip-resistant to ensure safety. It is scratch, scuff and stain resistant too. Minimal cleaning maintenance is needed by this flooring. It helps make commercial spaces look beautiful.


There are only two options of industrial flooring – epoxy or concrete because of stain potential, foot traffic, spill and machinery. Concrete floors are porous, moisture-absorbent, stains easily, slippery, hard and bland looking. Epoxy is the absolute opposite of concrete. The resin is easy to clean, is sealed from moisture, stain-resistant, attractive, glossy, softer and slip-resistant. A smooth surface is created by epoxy coating on the concrete floor.


Epoxy is also very suitable for flooring residential houses. Epoxy can be used in place of hardwood, tiles, carpet, vinyl flooring in the house. It is quite affordable also. Extra durability is provided by epoxy flooring, especially for pets and kids. It is best suitable for high-end modern homes to make the floor glossy and beautiful. You can select color according to your house decor. Epoxy flooring is best for balconies, exterior patios, pool decks, kitchens and bathrooms because of its moisture resistant properties.

Garage Flooring

You may often finish off your garage by adding cooling, heating, insulating and sheeting walls. But the floor is always the neglected part that you often forget of. Garage flooring options are limited by substrate and moisture materials. A protective coating is not provided, if you paint your garage floor. It needs to be repeated every year. If you coat your concrete garage floor with epoxy, it will help to fill gaps and create moisture resistant, smooth and glossy surface. There is no chance of staining, because you easily wipe fluid and oil spills on the epoxy floor.

To conclude, make your floor look glossy and professional finished with the help of epoxy coating. Enhance the appearance of your house with epoxy coating.

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