Get the best MIG welding equipments

MIG is the abbreviation of Metal Inert Gas welding. MIG welding is a process in which the formation of electric arc takes place between the work piece metal and a consumable wire electrode. Work piece metal is heated by this process and helps it to join and melt. Three things are needed for MIG welding – shielding gas to save the weld from air, an electrode to fill the joint and electricity to generate heat. A very small electrode is used in MIG welding. WIA is one of the most trusted companies in Australia that offers the best quality MIG Welders.

A complete range of reliable and high quality MIG welders is offered by WIA. It is especially designed for the different range of conditions in Australia. The hardest of situations, like high humidity, dusty and dry environment and high operating temperatures can be easily withstood by MIG welders of WIA. A series of hard tests is performed on all WIA welders before they leave for market. These tests are done to make sure that all the welders are highly durable and reliable. WIA has an experience of over 50 years in the Australian market.

Some of the best MIG welders by WIA are described as follows –

Weldmatic 190

A MIG welder is used in rural and hire fleets, light industry, home workshops and trades. 8 mm steel, aluminum and stainless steel can be welded in a single pass by Weldmatic 190. For easy removal and fitting, it comes with euro connector and tradesman quality cable and gun. It has the spool capacity of 1 kg and 5 kg. It is generally used for gasless and gas shielded wires. It comes with three years warranty.

Weldmatic 270

Weldmatic 270 is highly admired for its performance and power. A huge 270amps of genuine welding power can be pumped out by it. This machine gives competition to all the welding machines in the market when it comes to performance. It is a heavy weight MIG welder. It is suitable for rural maintenance, hire fleets and light to medium fabrication.

Weldmatic 270C

Up to 12 mm of aluminum, stainless steel or steel can be welded by it. Weldmatic 270C can be moved easily around the workshop. There is no hazard of messy leads between the wire feeder and the power source. It helps custom set up including pre and post gas, trigger latch, inch, start, low wire speed, spot time, purge and burnback.

Weldmatic 356

It is the best choice for sheet metal, boat building, medium industrial fabrication workshops, schools and training centers. It has the spool capacity of 5 kg and 15 kg. It is suitable for flux covered and gas shielded wires. It comes with 3 years Gold Shield warranty.

Weldmatic 396

It is a three phase 396amp MIG welder. It is best suitable for general industrial fabrication applications and medium to heavy fabrication. It is capable of running 1.6 mm flux covered wire. It is suitable for gas shielded and flux covered wires.

To conclude, WIA is a part of ITW global manufacturing group. They are driven by customer needs, innovation and technical expertise. Thus, choose your WIA MIG welder and make your welding accurate and perfect.

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