Go ahead and build your dream home!

buildingDo you have an idea of how your home should be? Do you want your dream home to come true? Are you in search of builders who can make your dream home come true? Then here is what you can do. Contact Icon Group Home Builders and let them know your idea and imagination. You can leave the rest on Icon Building Group.

Here is a list of things Icon Group does:

  • Home Renovations:

Adding new ideas and remodelling your home is the best way to improve your dream home. Just imagine if you could add or replace anything in your home how it would be like? Yes! All of this is possible with Icon Group. Be it kitchen renovation, basement renovation, bathroom renovation or anything else. Just name it and it will be done.

  • Custom Homes:

As you know it is not easy to bring your thoughts and ideas to life. It requires thorough planning and organization in order to construct your dream home. That is why the builders at Icon Group carefully listen to your idea and try to meet your requirements.

  • Home Additions:

Building additions to homes usually brings a lot of issues with it. Icon Group has builders who can present you with many ideas depending on your requirements. The most common solutions for gaining living space in home additions are building out and building up. The builders of Icon Group truly understand your requirement and suggest you with an option. Once the solution is selected, the blueprint is designed and the construction is started.

  • Interior Design:

Interior design of the house may make or break the imagination of your dream home. It is very important to make proper decisions while selecting interior design for your home. If you choose to go with Icon Group, then you can put all your worries in the trash and relax. Icon Group has the best interior designers who will make your dream home come true.

  • Architectural:

The architects working at Icon Group excel in their field. You can completely rely on them for your dream project. From the beginning of the project, the builders and the architects work hand-in-hand so that not even a single detail is missed out.

Now, you must be wondering why choose Icon Group alone. Icon Group has a number of satisfied customers and is well known for their high quality work. The contractors, architects and interior designers who work here are skilled, talented and highly qualified. From the beginning of your project to the completion, you can completely rely on them.

Icon Group guarantees you on time and on budget work. On budget work means that you pay only the contracted amount and if the amount exceeds the contracted amount then Icon will cover the extra amount. On time work means that if the completion of the work is delayed then Icon will pay you $1000 per day, for every delayed work day. Icon Building Group strongly believes in treating its customers with respect, honesty and accountability.

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